A Winning Team That Changes Lives

Welcome to a career at SRG.

Here, just as we bring the best to our customer with each passing day, we also understand our responsibility to nurture our own people – in a dynamic and challenging environment.

At SRG, we encourage you to build a career working towards much larger goals, and help us fulfill our vision of building a stronger, more esteemed organisation.

We believe that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary work - this drives the way SRG hires, trains and rewards its people. It’s also what makes us innovative, young and fresh.

A career in SRG offers a life-long engagement of tremendous variety and challenge. And we know that the spirit of SRG stays with you for a lifetime.

SRG is an opportunity to witness history and being a part of it. If you have the desire, energy, talent and ability to carry forth our vision of being number one in the mortgage industry, we welcome you into our fold.

If SRG seems to you as the right place for you, then join SRG to explore the opportunities here and take your career to new heights.