General Meeting Notices

Newspaper Advertisement- Completion of Dispatch of 18th AGM Notice

Notice of 18th AGM

Newspaper Advertisement- Completion of Dispatch of 17th AGM Notice


Notice of Book Closure for the purpose of 17th AGM

Intimation of 16th AGM- 10.09.2015

16th Annual General Meeting- 10.09.2015

Newspaper Advertisement Statement for Audited Financial Results for Quarter and Year Ended on March 31,2015

Newspaper Advertisement giving Notice of Board Meeting

15th Annual General Meeting-18.09.2014

Book Closure Notice from 16.09.2014 to 18.09.2014

Newspaper Advertisement For AGM- 2014

Record Date Notice- 30.05.2014

Extra Ordinary General Meeting- 12.05.2014

Newspaper Advertisement for Book Closure from 09.08.2013 to 12.08.2013