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As I am a small groundnut, I don't have any income proof or tax returns.But I needed a home loan. I came to know that SRG Housing Finance Limited gives loans to people like me.I approached them. They assessed my business and income and approved my loan. No other finance company was ready to give me a loan. Indeed,SRG has helped me realise my dream of my own Home. Uday Lal Vaid

I am grateful to SRG for helping me purchase my own house by taking account of my present income. They have even taken my future income into consideration and helped me to make my own home. Now I have EMI equal to what I had to give away as rent! I am very thankful to SRG Housing Finance Limited for helping me build my own home and my own shop. Chosar Bai Garg

The home loan from SRG Housing Finance Limited has helped me a lot. Though my father is aged, SRG Housing Finance Limited considered income from my shops and on the basis of that my loan was sanctioned. The staff and the manager were very helpful. I went to few banks but they were not willing to give me loan. Then one of my friends recommended SRG Housing Finance Limited to me. I went to the Branch and that first visit itself was very encouraging. All my procedure was completed within a week. The repayment procedure is also very easy and hassle free. Vipul Kaushik

I am very thankful to SRG Housing Finance Ltd. for being a helping hand at the time I was in trouble. Gita Banjara

I never thought that i might own a home myself. But with the help of SRG and its well designed EMI schedule for Low income individual, I have my Own house. Thank You SRG Housing Finance for making my dream come true. Jappu Nath Rajput