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SRG is among those rare companies which hire truly deserving young people and give them unparalleled opportunities to build their careers and capabilities. SRG has a diverse mix of professionals from business management schools working shoulder-to-shoulder with bright graduates who have the ability to ignite faith in their customers across the country, be it in the vast sprawl of urban agglomerations or the smallest of towns. This diversity in energies, cultures, lifestyles and communities has been a unifying force for the SRG family across the world, apart from making it an interesting and stimulating place to be.

SRG offers you the chance to build a career in what is one of the most promising markets in the world, and a totally development-focussed culture to grow in. Would you miss this opportunity to change your life? We stay true to the humane objectives with which SRG was created, and they continue to be our inspiration in our quest for excellence in people-practices.


Be a part of the team that is geared to be the pillar of strength when it comes to being the upcoming leader in the housing finance sector.