Postal Ballot

Declaration Of Results Of Postal Ballot & E-Voting alongwith Scrutinizer Report

Intimation for Appointment of Director- 23.02.2019

Altered Memorandum of Association- 23.02.2019

Voting Results XBRL Report- 23.02.2019

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal ballot Notice -23.01.2019

Postal Ballot Notice dated 21.01.2019

Outcome of Postal ballot and e-voting-24.12.2018

Proceedings of Postal ballot-24.12.2018

Altered Article of Association -24.12.2018

Postal Ballot Voting Results-24.12.2018

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot Notice- 22.11.2018

Notice of Postal Ballot-19.11.2018

Calender of Events of Postal Ballot

Newspaper Adv. for Postal Ballot Results- 30.12.2017

Altered AOA- 30.12.2017

Proceedings of Postal Ballot- 30.12.2017

Outcome of Postal Ballot & E- Voting- 30.12.2017

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot Notice- 27.11.2017

Postal Ballot Notice- 27.11.2017

Newspaper Adv. of Postal Ballot Results- 14.03.2017.

Proceedings of Postal Ballot- 14.03.2017

Postal Ballot Results- 14.03.2017

Postal Ballot Notice- 11.02.2017

Postal Ballot Results- 04.12.2014

Postal Ballot Notice- 22.10.2014